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Run Boy Run


José Juan De Vos


Chimera, Sunshine Shies

Ethnic Background:









6 Ft. 4. In.


245 lbs




Chief marketing officer of Mixcoatl Inc.

General Description[edit]

Chimera has what he calls a "marshmallow on legs" body type - long legs and arms, with a wide, poochy middle. Despite the weight he carries he's still rather athletic and has well-developed running muscles. He has distinctive Mediterranean features including thick lips and an angular nose. Most notably he has wide eyes that are a striking blue colour, which Chimera enhances to a purple colour by wearing white all the time.

Like all members of The Baekho, he has tattooed stripes on his arms and has eight in total, the most stripes a member can have. Upon close inspection, it seemed Chimera had his stripes branded into his arms before doing them over with tattoo ink, making the lines a little thicker and bolder. He also has his ears pierced with studs and wears square reading glasses.

At work, he wears tailored suits, but when out on his own he dresses in a mix of casual and athletic wear. He lives in a studio apartment in Valnote and has a home in Adeus, though he has been known to fall asleep anywhere in a variety of uncomfortable positions.


Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding!

Chimera on the surface is a polite businessman who's a little too stiff and tends to fall asleep at his desk a lot. He's a chameleon of class and occupation, and most people assume his nervous expression and bookish exterior a mask he wears. While he's often seen sitting around calmly in a suit, he's almost a typical Baekho member underneath - intense, volatile, calculating, and skilled in his field of work (his field of work being a rather skilled corporate spy). Unlike the rest of the Baekho, he rarely gets involved with gang affairs, and works behind the scenes to ensure the success of Mixcoatl, whether it be working 'till midnight on a weekend or breaking into a competitor office.

Before falling into his particular job, he had a passion for music, dance, parkour and video games he still clings to. When not on his job, he's neurotic, impassioned, verbose (in his mother tongue of Spanish), artistic, delicate, feminine, over-articulate, and overworked. His neurotic tendencies and moody behavior keep most people away socially, and he deals with this by drinking. What little friends he does have, he keeps close.


Born in Ciudad Juárez some time ago, Chimera was born to Argentinian father Luis de Vos, and Mexican mother Graciana Fernandez, he was the eldest son and from a young age had a tremendous amount of pressure put on him to succeed. He and his younger sister Em (also born to Graciana) were put into private schooling, and both children were tutored in the arts. When Chimera was about 12 years old, his mother passed away. She was a high level mutant and cancer took her rather quickly. The loss caused him and Em to form a close bond.

Luis later re-married to Baekho holang-i (liutenant) Ahn Ye-Eun and had a third child with her, King. At this time, Chimera's mutant power made itself known and Luis started to ignore his son, calling him a "waste" and turned his attention to Em. Chimera had a mental breakdown caused by basically being disowned of his father and a few other unknown factors.

After recovering, Chimera went to business school and graduated with average grades, yet perused a career in entertainment. Then both Chimera and Em became of age to join the Baekho. While Em was quick to join the gang and claw her way up to lieutenant status, but Chimera hesitated - not wanting to compromise his passions for a stable job that involves illegal activities, and had previous reservations with his father. But after his dream career started to fall through, he too, joined the Baekho and quickly climbed to lieutenant status. He did not involve himself in gang wars or affairs such as drug trafficking, but would often saboteur the operations of rival gangs and companies solo in spy operations. He often facilitated between Valnote and Adeus.

His luck ran out when a few members of rival gang members of the Valnote Yakuza caught him off-guard during a job, and beat the living shit out of him. The attack was so severe, Chimera stayed in a coma for two years. Recently he has come out of his coma, been physically re-rehabilitated and re-instated into the Baekho, where he has shakily continued his work.

Chimera has never gotten along with his father but keeps in contact with him. He's often stressed out he will make a 'mistake' like his coma and cause his father to fly into a rage.

Weaknesses and Powers[edit]


He is rather skilled traceur and escapist, but this is mostly attributed to his speed rather than his climbing skills.

He is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and takes mostly from Muay Thai. He is also quite adept with a quarterstaff.

More mundane talents include dancing, singing, cooking, floral arrangements, cat grooming and beating the best scores in pac-man.


  • The nickname Chimera arose due to his rather odd-looking proportions.
  • He can't swim and has nearly drowned on several occasions. He has a tremendous fear of swimming and open water.
  • He's actually wide around the middle partially because he is overweight, but partially due to some grade 2 ascites caused by various heart problems.
  • He also has Rosacea.
  • His favorite gaming company is Konami and has a tattoo of the old Konami logo on his back.
  • He also has an affinity with Sonic the Hedgehog and collects Sonic merchandise and games.